UV Curable Flatbed Printer, Inkjet Ink Manufacturer

Beijing Kincolor Digital Technology Company Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research, development, production, and sale of high quality digital flatbed printer and inkjet ink products. With a highly skilled, innovative, and dedicated technical team, Kincolor has developed the first non-UV flatbed printer in China, as well as Kincolor UV curable flatbed printers.

    1. UV Curable Flatbed Printer
    2. UV1325S UV Curable Flatbed PrinterThe UV1325S UV curable flatbed printer adopts the following seven systems which ensure high-quality printing and secure operation.
      The isolated regulated power supply system can prevent the outside EMI and avoid messy code, which eliminate defects and improve production efficiency.
    1. UV Curable Flatbed Printer
    2. UV2030S UV Curable Flatbed PrinterThe eight systems adopted by UV2030S UV curable flatbed printer are described as follows.
      Preventing external electromagnetic interference, the isolated regulated power supply system can avoid the occurrence of messy code and eliminate defective, increasing working efficiency.
      The anti-EMI power protection system can resist external electromagnetic interference ...
    1. UV Curable Flatbed Printer
    2. UV1209S UV Curable Flatbed PrinterWith a maximum resolution of 720*2880 dpi, the effective printing area of this UV1209S UV curable flatbed printer is 1.2×0.9m. Standard thickness of the printed material reaches 70mm and the printing breadth and height can be customized according to clients' requirements. Precise positioning can be achieved by the Y-axis dual-screw double-motor grating ...
    1. UV Curable Flatbed Printer
    2. UV1209C UV Curable Flatbed PrinterThe print length, width and thickness of our Kincolor UV1209C UV curable flatbed printer are 1.24m, 0.92m and 70mm respectively. With the print speed of 8-50 ㎡/h, the print precision is up to 720*2880 dpi and there are 16.8 million kinds of colors. Able to print on metal, glass, wallpaper, leather, acrylic and many other materials, this UV curable flatbed printer enjoys a wide range of applications ...
    1. KinColor UV Roll-to-Roll Printer
    2. KinColor UV Roll-to-Roll Printer The KS3200 KinColor UV roll-to-roll printer is equipped with a patent pixel accurate positioning system which has precise ink dot search function, ensuring high-quality printing without defects. The maximum resolution reaches 720×2880 DPI. The three-level anti-jamming measures greatly improves the anti-interference capability of the whole machine, making the machine work normally...
    1. GJ Series Solvent Ink
    2. GJ Series Solvent InkThe GJ series solvent ink produced by our company is a kind of printing ink and includes GJ510, GJ512, GJ382, GJ SPA and GJ SA. With the filtering precision less than one micron, there are few impurities. The viscosity of this GJ series solvent ink is 8 to 12 cps and the lightfast level reaches 6 to 7 grade. Products printed by our solvent ink have bright color and saturated picture.
    1. Odorless Ink
    2. Odorless InkThe first three types have a lightfast level of 6 to 7 grade and there is no noticeable fading after one year, while the last three types have a lightfast level of 8 grade and will show no apparent fading after three years. With the main solvent of ethers, these six types of ink have filtering precision less than one micron and the viscosity range is 8 to 12 cps. Our odorless ink has characteristics of rich and lasting color ...
    1. UV Curable Ink
    2. UV Curable InkWith good adhesion to media and no VOC, the UV curable ink yields rich color and bright picture, which is widely used. It should be stored away from light at room temperature. Under the above conditions, the UV curable ink can be stored for 12 months after leaving the factory. Do not let dust and debris contaminate the ink.