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UV Curable Flatbed Printer

The effective printing area of Kincolor UV1325C UV curable flatbed printer is 1.22m×2.5m and the maximum print precision reaches 720*2880 dpi. It can conduct bidirectional and unidirectional printing on X-axis and unlimited number of repeat printing on Y axis. This product has patented precise pixel positioning system and ink dot precise search function, ensuring higher printing quality. As a good industrial inkjet printing machine, this UV curable flatbed printer supplies ink with constant pressure and constant temperature, which enable it to work in places of various altitude and temperature.


Product Model UV1325C
Print Length 2.5m
Print Width 1.22m
Model of Print Head Konica KM512/1024 14pl-35pl-42pl (Japan)
Number of Print Head 4-8 pieces
Maximum Print Precision 720*2880 DPI
Print Speed 8-13-24-50㎡/h
Color Mode Four Color-Eight Color
Application Software Photoprint DX10.0 KINCOLOR VERSION
Platform Model Suction Platform
Suction Platform Area 4 Design
Material Thickness 0mm-70mm
Color Range 16.8 Million
Print Material PE, PP, ABS, PS, PETG, PU, PVC, PVB, Metal, Glass, Wallpaper, Leather, Acrylic, Wooden Board, etc.
Print Technology Piezo Print Technology
Positioning Mode Ink Dot Search Positioning System
UV Curing System Integration Technology/Imported HOENLE UV Curing System/Self-developed UV Curing System
Print on X-axis Direction Bidirectional and Unidirectional Printing
Print on Y-axis Direction Unlimited Number of Repeat Printing
Maintenance of Print Head Automatic Cleaning and Ink Cleaning
Ink Supply System World Famous Brand of SMC Negative Pressure Ink Supply System or Mute Negative Pressure System
Output Port USB
Power Requirement 50/60HZ 220V(±10%)>15A
Package Size 4.25m x1.95m x1.68m
Gross Weight 1,100kg

Beijing Kincolor is a specialized UV curable flatbed printer manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company offers a vast range of products, including tile digital inkjet printer, sliding door UV flatbed printer, odorless ink, and solvent ink, among others.

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