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Textile Flatbed Printer

The textile flatbed printer uses computer technology and self-control technology to print on a variety of woven fabric and knitted fabric of cotton, linen, silk, chemical fiber, etc. The industrial-grade print head is adopted and the height can be adjusted between 1mm and 70mm. Adopting water-based environment-friendly ink, this textile flatbed printer yields patterns with rich color and low fading rate. It can be used for the printing on sweaters, T-shirts, cultural shirts, advertising shirts, exquisite tablecloth, shower curtain, curtains, flags, banners, etc.


Product Model PF1209E/PF2015E/PF3015E
Print Head Type Industrial-grade (SPECTRA)
Number 4 or 8 Pieces
Height 1mm-70mm
Ink Type Coating, Reactive, Acid, Decentralized
Color 4 Color or Spot Color
Color Range 16.7 Million
Speed Printing Mode Printing Precision Maximum for 4 Heads Maximum for 8 Heads
Standard 720 DPI 36 ㎡/h 72 ㎡/h
Textile Type Various Cotton, Linen, Silk, Chemical Fiber, etc.
Printing Breadth 2m*1.5m/3m*1.5m/2m*3m
Power Voltage 220V
Frequency 50-60HZ
Power 800-1,000W
Working Environment Optimum Temperature: 18-26℃,Optimum Humidity: 40%-70%

Beijing Kincolor is a textile flatbed printer manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including stained glass UV flatbed printer, tile digital inkjet printer, solvent ink, cleaning solution, among others.

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