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UV Curable Flatbed Printer

The eight systems adopted by UV2030S UV curable flatbed printer are described as follows.

1. Preventing external electromagnetic interference, the isolated regulated power supply system can avoid the occurrence of messy code and eliminate defective, increasing working efficiency.

2. The anti-EMI power protection system can resist external electromagnetic interference and make the UV curable flatbed printer more suitable for regions of different power supply. Ensuring signal transmission, it has advantages in larger format printing and improves print quality.

Specifications of the UV Curable Flatbed Printer

Product Model UV2030S
Print Length 3.04m
Print Width 2.02m
Model of Print Head Konica KM512 14pl (Japan)
Number of Print Head 4-8 pieces
Maximum Print Precision 720*2880 DPI
Print Speed 8-50㎡/h
Color Mode Four Color-Eight Color
Application Software Photoprint DX10.0 KINCOLOR VERSION
Platform Model Suction Platform
Suction Platform Area 4 Design
Material Thickness 0mm-70mm
Color Range 16.8 Million
Print Material PE, PP, ABS, PS, PETG, PU, PVC, PVB, Metal, Glass, Wallpaper, Leather, Acrylic, Wooden Board, etc.
Print Technology Piezo Print Technology
Positioning Mode Ink Dot Search Positioning System (Double Closed Loop)
UV Curing System Integration Technology/Imported HOENLE UV Curing System/Self-developed UV Curing System
Print on X-axis Direction Bidirectional and Unidirectional Printing
Print on Y-axis Direction Unlimited Number of Repeat Printing
Maintenance of Print Head Automatic Cleaning and Ink Cleaning
Ink Supply System World Famous Brand of SMC Negative Pressure Ink Supply System
Output Port USB
Power Requirement 50/60HZ 220V(±10%)>15A
Package Size 2.25m x3.9m x1.8m
Gross Weight 1,100kg
Safety Measures Several newly developed security systems are added, making people and machine more secure

3. The anti-lightning over-voltage protection system can prevent the damage caused by external over voltage to the UV curable flatbed printer and avoid the occurrence of lightning strike and burning circuit. This can prevent the property loss resulted from circuit accident and increase the anti-interference ability of the printer.

4. Power supply will be automatically isolated by the UV lamp power cord short circuit protection system when accidents occur. This can effectively prevent power leaking and avoid injury to operators.

5. The imported mute slider of the X-axis high-speed mute dual-rail system can prevent noise in high-speed operation. Operators will not feel bored due to long-term manipulation of printer, which is beneficial to their stable working. In addition, comfortable working environment will also reduce fatigue of operators and improve working efficiency.

6. The Y-axis symmetric dual-rail movement system supports greater machine head weight, so image dislocation will not occur even when the UV curable flatbed printer runs for long hours. Meanwhile, the print precision will be kept constantly high and the print quality is secured.

7. The high-performance, low-power and low-calorie UV lamp system really reduces users' cost of using. UV ink can be reliably cured by this system and faster printing mode can be achieved. Integrated with UV control system, the real time power control can be realized. More than 50% power can be reduced when the shutter is closed, thus achieving the purpose of saving energy. The low power printing of the UV tube can effectively prolong the service time of the tube and the life expectancy is 1,500 to 2,000 hours. Mute characteristic of the UV lamp prevents neighbors complaining about the pump noise, which meets the requirement of façade, high-end proofing room and other high-end customers. In addition, this UV lamp system can reduce the generation of ozone to the largest extent.

8. The patented circular double-chain system effectively separates the strong and weak electric data transmission, completely avoiding the phenomena of messy code cause by mutual interference of strong and weak electricity. Ink road, air road and circuit are separate and independent, facilitating the daily maintenance of the UV curable flatbed printer and increasing the safety and reliability of the whole machine.

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