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    1. UV1325C UV Curable Flatbed PrinterThe effective printing area of Kincolor UV1325C UV curable flatbed printer is 1.22m×2.5m and the maximum print precision reaches 720*2880 dpi. It can conduct bidirectional and unidirectional printing on X-axis and unlimited number of repeat printing on Y axis. This product has patented precise pixel positioning system and ink dot precise search function, ensuring higher printing quality.
    1. UV1325S UV Curable Flatbed PrinterResisting the external electromagnetic interference and reducing users' requirement of power, the anti-EMI power protection system makes Kincolor UV curable flatbed printer more suitable for regions of different power supply. This system also ensures the transmission of signal and increases printing quality.
      The adopted over-voltage protector can avoid damage caused by external over-voltage ...
    1. UV2030C UV Curable Flatbed PrinterThe UV2030C UV curable flatbed printer produced by our company adopts super-density ink, which has rich color and doesn't fade when exposed to the sun outdoors for three years. The standard thickness of the printing material is 70mm and the printed breadth and height can be customized according to clients' requirements. Print length and print width of this machine are 3.04mm and 2.02mm, respectively.
    1. UV2030S UV Curable Flatbed PrinterThe patented circular double-chain system effectively separates the strong and weak electric data transmission, completely avoiding the phenomena of messy code cause by mutual interference of strong and weak electricity. Ink road, air road and circuit are separate and independent, facilitating the daily maintenance of the UV curable flatbed printer and increasing the safety and reliability ...
    1. UV1209S UV Curable Flatbed PrinterWith a maximum resolution of 720*2880 dpi, the effective printing area of this UV1209S UV curable flatbed printer is 1.2×0.9m. Standard thickness of the printed material reaches 70mm and the printing breadth and height can be customized according to clients' requirements. Precise positioning can be achieved by the Y-axis dual-screw double-motor grating ...
    1. UV1209C UV Curable Flatbed PrinterThe print length, width and thickness of our Kincolor UV1209C UV curable flatbed printer are 1.24m, 0.92m and 70mm respectively. With the print speed of 8-50 ㎡/h, the print precision is up to 720*2880 dpi and there are 16.8 million kinds of colors. Able to print on metal, glass, wallpaper, leather, acrylic and many other materials, this UV curable flatbed printer enjoys a wide range of applications ...
    1. Tile Digital Inkjet PrinterKincolor tile digital inkjet printer can directly print on wall tiles, floor tiles and ceramic tiles. The print length and width are 2.5m and 1.22m respectively. The tile digital inkjet printer adopts piezo print technology and ink dot search positioning system. With fast speed, high clarity and bright color, the printing is colorfast, waterproof, anti-UV and scratch resistant.
    1. Sliding Door UV Flatbed PrinterCompatible with images of TIFF, JEPG, BMP, PDF, AI, EPS, PSD, CDR and other formats, this flatbed printer uses USB output port, which is convenient and of strong applicability. As one kind of wood color printing machine, the Kincolor sliding door UV flatbed printer can directly print on wardrobe doors, cabinet doors, painting doors, children furniture and other materials ...
    1. Stained Glass UV Flatbed PrinterWith easy operation and stable performance, the stained glass UV flatbed printer has a higher printing quality than the traditional way, which can fully meet the high-strength mass production requirement of various industries and significantly improve competitiveness of products. Patterns printed by our flatbed printer are waterproof, sun resistant, strongly adhesive and colorfast.
    1. Textile Flatbed PrinterThe industrial-grade print head is adopted and the height can be adjusted between 1mm and 70mm. Adopting water-based environment-friendly ink, this textile flatbed printer yields patterns with rich color and low fading rate. It can be used for the printing on sweaters, T-shirts, cultural shirts, advertising shirts, exquisite tablecloth, shower curtain, curtains, flags, banners, etc.

KinColor UV Curable Flatbed Printer

Perfectly integrating UV curable ink with digital printing technology, the KinColor UV curable flatbed printer can conduct color printing on a variety of materials' surface. With fast speed and high precision, it has high working efficiency and printing quality.

Our company provides a full range of UV curable flatbed printers, which have reliable quality and are welcomed by users. The products include UV1325C UV curable flatbed printer, UV1325S UV curable flatbed printer, UV2030C UV curable flatbed printer, UV2030S UV curable flatbed printer, UV1209C UV curable flatbed printer, UV1209S UV curable flatbed printer, tile digital inkjet printer, sliding door UV flatbed printer, stained glass UV flatbed printer and textile flatbed printer.

Our products can replace hand painting and directly print various patterns on glass surface, realizing plateless, efficient, low-cost and colorful real-time processing. The convenience of operation saves much time for customers in the glass industry and brings considerable economic benefits for producers. In addition, the KinColor UV curable flatbed printer can also print patterns directly on surfaces of a variety of hard sign materials and thus can be used to replace traditional sign processing techniques of screen printing, film sticking, etc., which reduces process and costs and increase firm degree.

As an excellent industrial color printing machine, the KinColor UV curable flatbed printer adopts isolated regulated power supply system, anti-EMI power protection system and other devices, which effectively improve the printing quality and make the whole printer run stably.

As a professional KinColor UV curable flatbed printer manufacturer and supplier in China, we offer tile digital inkjet printer, textile flatbed printer, cleaning solution, UV curable ink, and much more.

Other Products
    1. UV Curable InkWith good adhesion to media and no VOC, the UV curable ink yields rich color and bright picture, which is widely used. It should be stored away from light at room temperature. Under the above conditions, the UV curable ink can be stored for 12 months after leaving the factory. Do not let dust and debris contaminate the ink.
    1. Cleaning SolutionWith good stability, our product will not discolor or hydrolyze because of sunlight. The 1#Q type cleaning solution is a professional product and its purity is over 99.5%, while the 4#Q type is an economic product and its purity exceeds 99%. Used for printer cartridge cleaning, our cleaning solution can fully dissolve in ink, thus yielding good cleaning effect.