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GJ Series Solvent Ink

The GJ series solvent ink produced by our company is a kind of printing ink and includes GJ510, GJ512, GJ382, GJ SPA and GJ SA. With the filtering precision less than one micron, there are few impurities. The viscosity of this GJ series solvent ink is 8 to 12 cps and the lightfast level reaches 6 to 7 grade. Products printed by our solvent ink have bright color and saturated picture. In addition, the ink has reasonable price, which is you ideal choice.


Model Lightfast Level Applicable Print Head Filtering Precision Viscosity
GJ510 6-7 grade Seiko SPT255 254 Nozzles Binary Printhead Series 35PL
Seiko SPT510 510 Nozzles Binary Printhead Series 35PL
<1μm 8-12cps
GJ512 6-7 grade Konica KM512LN,KM1024MNB / Konica KM512LM <1μm 8-12cps
GJ382 6-7 grade Xaar Proton(Xaar 382) <1μm 8-12cps
GJ SPA 6-7 grade Spectra Polaris PQ512/15
Spectra Polaris PQ512/35
<1μm 8-12cps
GJ SA 6-7 grade Spectra Skywalker HD128/50 <1μm 8-12cps

Beijing Kincolor is a professional solvent ink manufacturer, based in China. We offer a broad range of products, including eco solvent ink, sliding door UV flatbed printer, UV curable ink, and more.

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    1. PK Series Solvent InkThis PK series solvent ink includes PK510, PK512, PK382, PK SPA and PK SA. The PK382 solvent ink can be used for Xaar Proton print head and the PK SA ink applies to Spectra Skywalker HD128/50 print head. The filtering precision is less than one micron and the viscosity is 8 to 12 cps, which is environment friendly.
    1. T Series Solvent InkThe T series solvent ink produced by our company is an economical digital printing ink, including T125, T126SB and T128 three types. With the lightfast level of 6 grade, the filtering precision is less than 1.5 μm and viscosity is smaller than 12 cps. This T series solvent ink is applicable to multiple types of print heads, such as Xaar 126, Xaar 128, Xaar 500 and Xaar Electron.