T Series Solvent Ink

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T Series Solvent Ink

The T series solvent ink produced by our company is an economical digital printing ink, including T125, T126SB and T128 three types. With the lightfast level of 6 grade, the filtering precision is less than 1.5 μm and viscosity is smaller than 12 cps. This T series solvent ink is applicable to multiple types of print heads, such as Xaar 126, Xaar 128, Xaar 500 and Xaar Electron. Our product has small volatility, high safety and cheap price. Welcome to buy.


Model Lightfast Level Applicable Print Head Filtering Precision Viscosity
T125 6 grade Xaar 126: Xaar126/80, Xaar126/50, Xaar126/35
Xaar 128: Xaar128/80,Xaar128/80 W, Xaar128/40, Xaar128/40-W
Xaar 500: Xaar500/80, Xaar500/40, Xaar500/40-S
Xaar Electron: Xaar Electron 70-W
<1.5 μm 8-12cps
T126SB 6 grade <1.5 μm 8-12cps
T128 6 grade <1.5 μm 8-12cps

Beijing Kincolor is a China-based solvent ink manufacturer and supplier. We provide various types of products such as eco solvent ink, textile flatbed printer, UV curable flatbed printer, and cleaning solution.

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