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Eco Solvent Ink

Eco solvent ink, also known as environmentally friendly solvent ink, has high security, low volatility, micro-toxicity and high flash point. We provide ECO-22 and ECO-24 types of eco solvent ink. With the viscosity of 3 to 5 cps, they apply to Epson DX3, DX4, DX5 and DX6 print heads. Compared with the solvent ink, the biggest advantage of the eco solvent ink lies in its friendliness to the environment which is mainly reflected in the reduction of VOC and no use of toxic organic solvents. Compared with the water-based ink, the eco solvent ink maintains the advantage of high accuracy of produced pictures and overcomes the shortcomings of rigorous demand of substrate and the produced pictures can not be used in the outdoors. Our eco solvent ink is widely used and environment friendly, which is popular with the users.


Model Lightfast Level Applicable Print Head Filtering Precision Viscosity
ECO-22 Epson DX3/DX4/DX5/DX6 <1 μm European and American Color 3-5 cps
ECO-24 Epson DX3/DX4/DX5/DX6 <1 μm Chinese Color 3-5 cps

As an experienced eco solvent ink manufacturer and supplier in China, Beijing Kincolor offers a comprehensive range of products that includes UV curable ink, odorless ink, cleaning solution, UV curable flatbed printer, and much more.

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