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    1. CJ Series Solvent InkCJ series solvent ink includes CJ510, CJ512, CJ382, CJ SPA, CJ SA and CJ128 models. The lightfast level of our solvent ink is 8 grade, ensuring no change of color under sunlight for long hours. The filtering precision of CJ128 type solvent ink is less than 1.5μm, while the filtering precision of other types ink is less than 1μm. In addition, this CJ series solvent ink has a viscosity of 8 to 12cps ...
    1. PJ Series Solvent InkPJ series solvent ink produced by our company can be used for multiple print heads and has PJ720V and PJ128S two models. The PJ720V solvent ink applies to Spectra Nova 80PL print head and its lightfast level is 7 to 8 grade. Its filtering precision is less than 1μm and the viscosity is 8 to 12cps which is similar to that of PJ128S. Our PJ128S solvent ink is applicable to multiple models of print heads ...
    1. GJ Series Solvent InkThe GJ series solvent ink produced by our company is a kind of printing ink and includes GJ510, GJ512, GJ382, GJ SPA and GJ SA. With the filtering precision less than one micron, there are few impurities. The viscosity of this GJ series solvent ink is 8 to 12 cps and the lightfast level reaches 6 to 7 grade. Products printed by our solvent ink have bright color and saturated picture.
    1. PK Series Solvent InkThis PK series solvent ink includes PK510, PK512, PK382, PK SPA and PK SA. The PK382 solvent ink can be used for Xaar Proton print head and the PK SA ink applies to Spectra Skywalker HD128/50 print head. The filtering precision is less than one micron and the viscosity is 8 to 12 cps, which is environment friendly.
    1. T Series Solvent InkThe T series solvent ink produced by our company is an economical digital printing ink, including T125, T126SB and T128 three types. With the lightfast level of 6 grade, the filtering precision is less than 1.5 μm and viscosity is smaller than 12 cps. This T series solvent ink is applicable to multiple types of print heads, such as Xaar 126, Xaar 128, Xaar 500 and Xaar Electron.
    1. Eco Solvent InkEco solvent ink, also known as environmentally friendly solvent ink, has high security, low volatility, micro-toxicity and high flash point. We provide ECO-22 and ECO-24 types of eco solvent ink. With the viscosity of 3 to 5 cps, they apply to Epson DX3, DX4, DX5 and DX6 print heads. Compared with the solvent ink, the biggest advantage of the eco solvent ink lies in its friendliness to the environment ...
    1. Odorless InkThe first three types have a lightfast level of 6 to 7 grade and there is no noticeable fading after one year, while the last three types have a lightfast level of 8 grade and will show no apparent fading after three years. With the main solvent of ethers, these six types of ink have filtering precision less than one micron and the viscosity range is 8 to 12 cps. Our odorless ink has characteristics of rich and lasting color ...

Solvent Ink

The Saven solvent ink should be stored under the temperature of 5℃-30℃. Under the above condition, it can be stored for 18 months. Do not allow dust and debris to contaminate the ink. Use heating methods when the using temperature is too low. Note that the local heating temperature should be controlled within 25℃.

As an ideal inkjet printer ink, the solvent ink produced by our company applies to a variety of light box cloth, sticky notes, PVC, banner cloth, car stickers and other coated materials. It has good liquidity, high tinting strength, wide color gamut, bright and lasting color, little odor and other characteristics. The solvent ink can be used under the environment with the temperature of 22℃-28℃ and the humidity of 40%-60%. Fast drying speed and high printing accuracy are yielded when this ink is used with the inkjet printer. Our product has four kinds of packages of 5L, 4L, 1L and 220ml for you to choose. Customers with product needs are welcome to contact us.

Beijing Kincolor is a specialized solvent ink manufacturer and supplier based in China. Our company also provides UV curable ink, cleaning solution, liquid lamination coating, UV curable flatbed printer, and more.

Other Products
    1. UV Curable InkWith good adhesion to media and no VOC, the UV curable ink yields rich color and bright picture, which is widely used. It should be stored away from light at room temperature. Under the above conditions, the UV curable ink can be stored for 12 months after leaving the factory. Do not let dust and debris contaminate the ink.
    1. Cleaning SolutionWith good stability, our product will not discolor or hydrolyze because of sunlight. The 1#Q type cleaning solution is a professional product and its purity is over 99.5%, while the 4#Q type is an economic product and its purity exceeds 99%. Used for printer cartridge cleaning, our cleaning solution can fully dissolve in ink, thus yielding good cleaning effect.