Liquid Lamination Coating

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Liquid Lamination Coating

The liquid lamination coating can be used for pictures printed by spraying, rolling or brushing solvent ink. Our company provides PC20 and PC10 liquid lamination coating. The PC20 liquid lamination coating should be diluted with water to use and its outdoor weathering time reaches three years. The PC10 liquid lamination coating has two years outdoor weathering time and can be directly used without diluting with water which is simple and convenient. Containing UV absorber, our product can effectively extend the outdoor life time of the patterns. As a kind of inkjet printing coating, this liquid lamination coating can be applied after the picture is completely dry. It has characteristics of strong scuff resistance and no change in color, and it can also enhance the picture brightness, which is warmly welcomed by users.


Model Outdoor Weatherability
1# PC20 Need to be diluted with water, three years of outdoor weathering
2# PC10 Directly used with no need to dilute water, two years of outdoor weathering

Beijing Kincolor is a professional liquid lamination coating manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer an extensive line of products, including cleaning solution, UV curable ink, UV curable flatbed printer, stained glass UV flatbed printer, and much more.

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