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KinColor UV Roll-to-Roll Printer

The KS3200 KinColor UV roll-to-roll printer is equipped with a patent pixel accurate positioning system which has precise ink dot search function, ensuring high-quality printing without defects. The maximum resolution reaches 720×2880 DPI. The three-level anti-jamming measures greatly improves the anti-interference capability of the whole machine, making the machine work normally in situations where electric welding machine and other large electrical devices are running.

The German IGUS drag chain effectively separates the transmission of strong and weak current data, thus completely avoiding garbled printing caused by mutual interference of strong and weak current. The ink path, gas path and circuit are separated from each other, which facilitates routine maintenance and improves the safety and reliability of the machine.

Our UV roll-to-roll printer uses the imported mute slider which can avoid noise during high-speed operation. The comfortable working environment reduces fatigue of operators and improves working efficiency. An overvoltage protection device is adopted to prevent machine damage caused by external excessive voltage. It can avoid the occurrence of lightning strike and burning circuit, thus preventing property damage. In the meantime, the machine's anti-jamming capability is improved.


Model KS3200
Printing Length 50m
Printing Width 3.2m
Model of Print Head Konica KM1024, 14pl-35pl-42pl (Japan)
Number of Print Head 4-8 pieces
Maximum Print Precision 720×2880 DPI
Print Speed 6-9-17 -34 m2/h
Color Mode Four Color-Eight Color
Application Software Photoprint DX10.0 KINCOLOR VERSION /ONYX
Material Thickness 0mm -3mm
Color Range 16.7 Million
Print Material Soft Coiled Material
Print Technology Piezo Inkjet Technology
Positioning Mode Ink Dot Search Positioning System
UV Curing System Integration Technology/Imported HOENLE UV Curing System/Self-developed UV Curing System
Print on X-axis Direction Bidirectional and Unidirectional Printing
Maintenance of Print Head Automatic Cleaning and Ink Cleaning
Ink Supply System Smart Mute Negative Pressure System
Output Port USB
Power Requirement 50/60HZ 220V(±10%)>15A
Gross Weight 1200 kg
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