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About Us

Beijing Kincolor Digital Technology Company Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research, development, production, and sale of high quality digital flatbed printer and inkjet ink products. With a highly skilled, innovative, and dedicated technical team, Kincolor has developed the first non-UV flatbed printer in China, as well as Kincolor UV curable flatbed printers.

Kincolor believes in solving problems for our customers and growing together with our customers. The use of internationally advanced technology helps us to accomplish this goal. With the patented technology of ink droplet pixel precise positioning, our technical personnel strive to constantly develop and expand new technologies.

Main Products
    1. UV1325S UV Curable Flatbed PrinterResisting the external electromagnetic interference and reducing users' requirement of power, the anti-EMI power protection system makes Kincolor UV curable flatbed printer more suitable for regions of different power supply. This system also ensures the transmission of signal and increases printing quality.
      The adopted over-voltage protector can avoid damage caused by external over-voltage ...
    1. UV2030S UV Curable Flatbed PrinterThe patented circular double-chain system effectively separates the strong and weak electric data transmission, completely avoiding the phenomena of messy code cause by mutual interference of strong and weak electricity. Ink road, air road and circuit are separate and independent, facilitating the daily maintenance of the UV curable flatbed printer and increasing the safety and reliability ...